Fakta om de søde Bichon Havanais

Havanese can in many cases be the perfect pet, because this breed is easy to fit and thus an ideal family dog. There is a cute little dog with long coat that does not shed, and is also a Havanese one of the most hypoallergenic dog breeds, so it is a very popular breed especially among families with children. The dog has plenty of positive attributes as:


  • extrovert
  • Social
  • playful
  • Quick learner
  • gentle
  • Hypoallergenic
  • accommodating
  • children


Havanese are colloquially called a Havanese, and there are now more than 3,000 of these dogs in Denmark, and this figure is increasing every year.

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Sygdomstegn hos hunde

Despite good care, healthy dog ​​food, you can still run the risk of certain diseases in your dog, and you should always keep an eye on the most famous signs. Your dog may have allergies, lice, poisoning, infection, inflammation, diarrhea and hundreds of other diseases, so there is plenty to be looking for.

The diseases come especially when the dog is well up in age, and if it is not good and versatile daily diet with the necessary nutrients, amino acids and minerals.

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Hundelegetøj giver mange glæder

When you buy dog ​​toys for your dog, so it’s not a waste of money, and you can even create many kinds of dog toys cheap or free. In fact, many dogs love to play with balls and frisbees or an ordinary rope, as they can bite and pull in. There are even many unknown benefits of dog toys, as most are not aware of. You get both a healthier, smarter and more lively dog ​​by giving it funny object to play with, and if you buy dog ​​toys, high quality, so you can enjoy this for years to come.

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Det er vigtigt med den rette hvalpefoder til din hvalp

It is important that you feed your puppy with the right growth feed as a puppy grows as much in one year, as people do in 14 years. Important factors that play an important role when choosing a puppy food, its activity level and race, as well as the feed nutrient content. Puppy food is made so that the puppy gets the optimal growth and bone and muscle development.

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Kvalitets hundefoder er med til at forebygge sygdomme

You’re probably aware of it, if you think carefully, but of course it is true that quality dog ​​food helps prevent illness. Dog food is not just dog food, and just like us humans, it is important that your dog’s diet is balanced.

The immune system must be kept strong

By giving your dog the best diet ensures that its immune system is kept in balance and you thereby avoid the being hit by small illnesses like colds or flu. Especially in older dogs it can be incredibly dangerous if they get hit by a disease here in the autumn weather.

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